What is NFT Yard

NFT Yard It is a decentralized application (DAPP) of NFTs or non-fungible Tokens developed on the Polygon network (MATIC).

Developed with the objective of being a simple and practical tool, easy to use to facilitate the creation of NFTs in a fast, safe and objective way.

Created on the Polygon network precisely to be accessible to everyone, with a very cheap transaction price.

The creation of an NFT costs fractions of cents of the US dollar currency.

At this moment, is running on the test network of the Polygon network called Mumbai.

Before you start using this DApp, we suggest that you read this content to understand what NFTs are and their universe that has been growing a lot. Welcome to NFT Yard.

* MATIC on Mumbai network has no monetary value, its value is valid only for tests on the platform.

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