Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files can I utilize to create an NFT?

File types supported so far are JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF. We are working on adding and supporting different types of media such as videos and audio.

How can I invest in NFT Yard? Is there a Token?

We are still under development, there isn't a way to invest in NFT Yard per se yet. Also we don't have a ERC20 Token yet.

Can I transfer my NFT to Ethereum blockchain?

Yes, but there is no user interface for that feature yet. We are working on it.

How do fees work?

NFT Yard provides it's marketplace infrastructure for free—it's entirely free to get started creating an NFT, buying and selling and using our application. As compensation for this service, 2% of each sale will go to NFT Yard.

Can you help me create a digital asset for my project?

Yes, contact us on Telegram. We love working closely with teams on building assets. Join we'd love to hear your idea.

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