2. Create your first NFT

How to create your first NFT

  1. Once you have chosen a wallet to use and have some MATIC in your wallet, click on the “Create” button.

2. Soon after that you will be redirected to this page and then fill in the requested data.

  • Name: Name your art. Example (Einstein)

  • Description: Description of your art. Example (Einstein Ukulele Session)

  • Collection Name: Name of your collection. Example (Einstein Beach Art)

  • Supply: Number of copies. Example (2)

  • Upload: Click to upload your artwork.

After filling in the information, click on Upload or drag your image into the field.

Confirm the transaction in your MetaMask and you're done.

Finish by giving a value to your art.

Return to the main page and share your first NFT on your networks.

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